Whether your AC or HVAC unit isn’t blowing out, needs cleaning or replacing, we here at AL-Air are available to help!

Here are some of the services we provide:

Service Call (30 min diagnostic)
Service Call with additional diagnostic
AC & Duct Cleaning
Accumulator Installation/Repair
Bi-Flow Drier Repair
Blown Fuse Repair
Capacitor Repair
Clear Clogged Drain/Repair Drain Line
Compressor Installation/Repair
Condensate Pump Replacement
Condensor Coil Replacement
Condensor Coil Cleaning
Contactor Replacement
Defrost Control Board
Evaporator Coil Cleaning
Fan Relay Installation/Replacement
Faulty Wiring Replacement
Float Switch & Clear Clog
Full System Evaluation
Hard Start Kit KSI & TOI Installation/Repair
Heat Sequencer Installation/Repair
Precision Tune-up
Real Estate Inspection
Refrigerant Leak Repair
Reverse Valve Replacement
Small Drain Mod & Clear Clog
System Leack Checks
Transformer Installation/Replacement
Voltage Fuse/Wire Installation/Replacement